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Understanding The Practice and Experience of Embodied Alchemy

Embodied Alchemy is a practical magic (spiritual) practice that includes transmission relational teachings, movement/embodiment practice and practically applicable relational tools. We work with the energetic, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual faculties for this practice. 


This series combines relational teachings, with non-linear movement and energetic codes to support the deepening of your embodiment (being in the body), emotional attunement and relational mastery. 


Your alchemical embodiment practice is designed to serve the process of developing right relationship with reality, attunement with somatic sensation and expanding your energetic, emotional and relational capacity. 


This is a practice open to anyone who feels the energetic resonance with the container. The relational teachings are delivered in such a way that they are applicable to any gender identity and all forms of relational containers. 


I am here to be of service to love, magic, truth and divine union. This container is a reflection of this devotion. The alchemy you experience will be unique to you, your relational experiences and your deeper relational desires. 


Given the transformational energetics of these containers you may experience the tension of bumping up against your conditioning, any egoic identities you hold or patterns that are uncomfortable to acknowledge. 


My commitment is to hold the energetic container of approval for all that rises. I will be modeling how to meet these edges with grace, acceptance and full approval. If you’re not interested in deeper transformation or if you are in active trauma this program is not for you and it is your responsibility to get in touch with our team immediately ([email protected]).


This series holds a no refund, exchange or cancellation policy. Should it be the case you registered and are currently in active trauma it is your responsibility to contact our team upon receiving this agreement and within 48hrs inform us of your situation. Our team will support you in navigating the return of your registration and removal from the series. 

Waiver of Liability

  • I acknowledge and agree I am an adult (18 years +). 


  • I acknowledge I have read, understand and agree to the ‘Understanding The Practice and Experience of Embodied Alchemy” above. 


  • I acknowledge and agree that I am participating in this event of my own free will and that I may leave the live sessions at any time and that I have agency to not participate in any aspect of the practice should I so choose. I understand that Embodied Alchemy is a personal practice to be done in my own space via a group video call. Participants videos and audios will be turned off during the embodiment/movement portion of the session to ensure privacy, comfort and invite a deeper opening. I understand that while I will be verbally guided through the practice, I must take full responsibility for my own experience and wellbeing before, during and after the experience. 


  • I acknowledge and agree that this experience may be emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually and energetically intense both during and after the practice. I understand that at times aspects of the guided practice, transmission teachings or invitations for practical application may move me outside of what is familiar in my system. I understand anytime that energy is moved through the body in an embodiment practice that it may stir up repressed memories, emotions and undigested wounding and/or trauma. Non-linear movement is helpful in the release of trauma and the alchemization of these stored energetics in the body but it is not a substitute for the possible requirement of a mental health professional and proper therapeutic care. Should the processing and releasing of these stored energies extend beyond the scope of the Embodied Alchemy journey I consent to taking full responsibility for reaching out for proper therapeutic support. I consent to the transformative process of this journey and I take full responsibility for my own self-care before, during and after the experience. 


  • I acknowledge and agree to keep private and confidential anything that is said or shared by the participants of the program. 


  • I acknowledge and agree to refrain from using alcohol or drugs or plant medicines before or during the sessions.


  • I understand, acknowledge and agree that participation in this series does not give me the right to lead, market, teach or copy Embodied Alchemy. 


  • I understand, acknowledge and agree to the no refund, transfer or cancellation policy.


  • I understand this event is being recorded and may be used for marketing, teaching or for any other purpose which Legendary Love Academy + Kelsey Grant determines appropriate. While Kelsey is very conscious to not make highly personal details public on the internet, I understand the recording may be used in the future with non-attendees. I consent to being recorded and that Legendary Love Academy owns the rights to the recording (videos and microphones are off during the embodiment portion of the session). 


  • In exchange for my ability to participate in this event, I release Kelsey Grant and Legendary Love Academy from any and all liability or responsibility for any and all injury that may arise. I understand this release of liability means I cannot take legal action against Kelsey Grant or Legendary Love Academy for any injury that may occur, emotional, physical, or otherwise related to my participation in this event. I consent to the risk inherent in spiritual, emotional and energetic work and I take full responsibility for any and all outcomes. 


I have read, understood, consent and accept by my signature below, to the entirety of the above agreement.

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EA Series: People Pleasing (2x222)

Embodied Alchemy 8 Week Series


In the Embodied Alchemy Series we explore the intersection between relational education, somatic re-sensitization, emotional attunement, embodiment alchemy and archetypal integration.


Each journey is specifically curated to support you in unwinding old material that is stuck in your system so you can open deeper into love, truth, magic and union. 


The 8 Week Series Includes: 


  • 8 Transmission Teachings on The Codes of Sovereignty + Releasing People Pleasing Patterns
  • Live Guided Alchemical Embodiment Sessions: 5 Full Length Alchemical Embodiment Sessions (50 minutes) + 1 Completion Embodiment Session (30 minutes)
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls
  • Replays of each session (available for the duration of your course)
  • Weekly playlists to support your somatic and embodiment explorations. 
  • Private Community Space (not Facebook) to ask questions, digest your experiences and connect with those on this journey with you.